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I am a designer maker. I studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto Canada.

Moving back to the UK in 2002 and settling in St Ives, Cornwall I found myself surrounded by creative people.  It was here that I realised I had the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in my creative pursuits.

 I have always had a love of positive and negative space along with colour and pattern and enjoy bringing these different elements together in my work.

scottish deerhound looking out to sea with woman in scarf and t on wall
wicked imp studio


My space in town, wicked imp studio, has been the perfect place for me to create, whether it be jewellery made with copper or silver incorporating vitreous enamels, or working in print creating collagraphs.  

Feisty females and playful hounds feature strongly in my work some of which have been turned into notebooks, cards, T’s, totes and stickers.  

I also design fabrics and use them to create different types of textiles/soft furnishings and enjoy collaborating with my potter partner in creating unique unomi (Japanese drinking vessels), mugs, and tiles, as well as mixing it all up to create my mixed media wall pieces.  

 My imagination runs wild in this unique space…part studio part retail space, here in the seaside town of
St Ives.

My online shop on this site are featured examples of my work, but I am continually creating individual pieces that can not always be shown. So if you have any inquiries about any of the work please get in touch.